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Monday, January 30, 2012


problem 1 :
im not having a high demanding.
all i get is need to work like a dog and get so little payment
it's really hard to find a nice job huh? :/

problem 2 :
need to change college.
cause im changing course.
getting many opinion and advise from other people
so i will take multimedia.
most probably im going to pjcad
not the one academy anymore :(
cause TOA is really expensive.
pjcad need to go for april intake.
so now i left 2 more months to earn money
and enjoy my time with my friends.

problem 3 :
i want to drive!!!!!!!!
but sisters and parents dont let.
they say need someone beside me only can drive
but they're not willing to accompany me.
then how im gonna to practice??????
next time i dont know how im gonna go for my college laa.
driving skill sucks, sure cant drive to kl.
mum dont let to stay at hostel..
but she volunteer to fetch me!
this is really OMG.
if you are close to me then u will know why..
when i was in high school,
im always late to school and also last to go back.
she can take 1hour++ from my house to kajang.
so i cant imagine my college life with my mum driving me around.
that's 10000% will always LATE. lol
i dont want like this!! D;

for you might think i like to complain just because of small stuff.
maybe it's truee.
but this is really bothering me!
so just let me to release out my feeling laaa.
and you know what thing causes all these happen?
i got money then i will be happy. lol
so, money... please come to mama..
me love you sooo soooo much!!

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